About Us

About Us

Kiwi Black Logistic was established in 2020 and has its base in Auckland, New Zealand. We are proud to be a New Zealand business that offers world-class services to both local and international clients.

Our Logistics has supplied timely and dependable trucking services. We are happy to serve all over New Zealand. Throughout our years of service, we have developed solid connections with businesses by offering high-quality, on-time, and damage-free transportation services. Our professional team is accessible 24/7 to assist you in managing your transportation and optimising your business.

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Our Mission

At Kiwi Black Logistics, we prioritise the safety and success of your freight transportation. We care and want to be your number one source for transportation by developing innovative solutions for all conceivable chances. Our objective is to handle freight quickly and affordably, while also guaranteeing that they are free of harm and safe. We strive to provide value and efficiency to your company's supply chain while also providing new logistics solutions. We can fulfil our consumers' shifting demands by using quality, honesty, dependability, and safety.